Secha Capital: Why We Invested — iG3N

Global energy generation is becoming more decentralised and powered by renewables and therefore it requires a reliable, secure method to store and then dispatch electricity when it is needed. In South Africa, the grid is becoming increasingly unstable and costs continue to rise. Businesses and consumers need a cost-efficient way to store and use their own energy — especially during power outages.

As a storage solution, batteries have a number of advantages — they are low cost, mobile, modular and highly dispatchable. Batteries can both “firm” the intermittency of grid-scale solar and also serve as the foundation for a “grid-defecting” “smart home.”

Battery energy storage solutions are not globally standardised; technology is global but energy is local and solar installers & energy integrators need a local, affordable, reliable battery storage solution that has the skills required to solve unique, local, energy issues.

Secha Capital is investing in iG3N to be the local champion to bring innovative, local and trusted battery storage solutions tailored for African energy needs.

iG3N designs, develops and manufactures battery energy storage systems and offers this fully packaged solution to installers who work with residential, commercial and industrial and grid-scale projects. The team brings a wealth of expertise in battery sourcing, design and manufacturing and offers a tailored battery storage solution via its proprietary Battery Management System software.

iG3N is proud to play their part in South Africa’s 4th industrial revolution by enabling this revolutionary technology, by powering new solutions in traditional markets and training a new workforce to participate in a modern economy.

With Secha’s investment, iG3N has the backing to guarantee their long-term warranty, standing by their confidence in a superior product & after-sales support.

“We are excited to partner with Secha Capital, who will help us meet the increasing demand for high quality, locally made, and trusted battery storage solutions to Africa. Secha Capital’s support will help us grow our business and localise more of the energy storage supply chain. We are also excited to work with Secha Capital in order to create jobs and upskill the talent that we have in South Africa” — Tumi Mphahlele, COO, iG3N.

Whether the grid worsens or improves, we know that it will become more decentralised, intermittent and require storage. Secha Capital’s investment into iG3N will help the company serve the 60k+ network of installers and integrators in Southern Africa. Most importantly, Secha is excited to support iG3N’s long-term mission of accessible, affordable clean energy for all of Africa.

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